Connecting With New Audiences

The Chicago Symphony Orchestra is renowned worldwide for its rich musical tradition. But the CSO is also a colorful piece of Chicago's own cultural fabric.  We teamed up with CSO on a digital content campaign designed to communicate both the excitement and the accessibility of the symphony to new audiences via Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and CSO’s website.

In creating this series of videos, the Mode Project team synched perfectly with our marketing team­­—and the musicians—to tell our stories with just the right tone.
— Laura Emerick, CSO Digital Content Editor

Visit Symphony Center, Connect with Chicago follows musicians as they go to work, just like other Chicagoans.


The Sound of a Beautiful Night Out evokes drama and joy in the CSO experience. Photos from CSO archives are put into motion with powerful music, punctuated with accolades excerpted from prominent publications.


Chicago Symphony Orchestra by the Numbers is a showcase for fun and impressive CSO facts. The motion graphics piece is playfully assembled with archival images, CSO typography and an engaging piece of orchestral-electronica music.