A Film About Process

The Segal Design Institute at Northwestern University is dedicated to the study of human-centered design, a methodology that uses insights gained from observing human behaviors to fuel innovative designs. When the institute approached us to create a film about their design innovation program, they made it clear that the film should be about the design process, not the end product.

Mode Project worked to truly understand what design innovation at Segal is all about and distill that message into something that we are all proud to share.
— Greg Holderfield, Director, Segal Design Institute

Students at Segal learn to use frameworks and tools such as empathy, visualization, rapid prototyping and iteration to create transformative products, systems and services. A big part of the process is creative and messy. Students generate lots of ideas quickly and then iterate on those ideas as they move toward the best solutions. Early on, we decided to mirror Segal’s approach for this film.